Monday, January 31, 2005

monday blahs and sniffs

Just for the record, may sakit pa rin ako.

I am at work after, well, staying in to rest during last week's pre-weekend days. *Sigh* I am hoping that the flu will go away but alas, its sticky claws are still enveloping my throat. Sheesh.

But since my workload has been piling up, i had to come down the office. *sigh* times like these i wish i was portable too.

+ + +

I am grateful for the weekend though. It gave me time to rest, recuperate and spend some QT with my sweetie :-)

+ + +

Inscribed in chalk, Jolography is vivdly remembered.

+ + +

In one of our recent trips, we launched a "day trip to Corregidor". That meant waking up at the ungodly hour of 5am and waiting for the boat in CCP at 8am (we didn't have reservations for the boat ride). I had low expectations since i haven't had any notion on what to expect. What i thought to be a boring trip was actually, quite fun.

The idea of Corregidor that stuck in my brain since Grade school was that it was one of the islands where US and Japanese troops battled for Manila. Little did i know that this small tadpole of an island was one of the key locations in getting hold of not only Manila, but the US force in the Pacific. I found out about the wars fought by brave and fearless Filipinos who shed blood for the country. Going around the island, i can only imagine those days of endless smoke and cries of anguish as they endured the days and nights of battle.

I cannot say if i will go to the island again. But the history that was shown to me was quite a revelation, and made me well, proud to be in a country that was so rich in history and has overcome so many battle scars. :-)

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Mangoes and Papayas said...

Syemay buti ka pa nakarating na dun! Anyway, it was really nice bumping into you and your multi-cultural group last sunday. I just wish I looked halfway decent myself (sobrang ngarag nako nun!). Dammit, you work too hard!!! Dapat work hard, party harder, pero bawal magakasakit! get well soon para may gym buddy-wuddy na ulit ako! :)

wanderlust junkie said...

yeah gurl! miss ko na nga mag-gym eh :-(( oh well... dami kasing work ngayon.super ngarag din ako...dapat kitakits tayo soon! kahit mukha kang ngarag as you say it, you still look great (as in, super payat mo na ha!!) miss ya!

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